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Me For You


UCSF is doing something exciting in the world of precision medicine. From UCSF:

"Precision medicine cannot work without the contributions of individuals who want their own health information (including genetics, blood test results, responses to medications and reactions to therapies) to someday inform a global knowledge network that can better connect innovative research to patient care. In the meantime, they can start by making a dedication of support on behalf of someone they love, to ensure that person a healthier future."

To engage the public to participate, UCSF created, and Disposable's Brendan Colthurst produced a 60-second video under the leadership of IDEO agency and producer/DP Tony Burns.

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Agency Creative Lead, Director: Josh Rogers, IDEO
Produced by Brendan Colthurst
Producer / DP: Tony Burns
Assistant Director: Kimmy Gatewood
Co-Producer: Yaron Kaplan
Prod. Co: Disposable

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